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.NET component for red-eye effect removal

.NET component for semi-automatic and manual red-eye effect removal - Windows Shareware $249. Red-Eye Removal Add-on is a unique tool that allows to redeem from red-eye effect quickly and easily. Due to sophisticated algorithms it is capable to identify red-eyed pupils on a photo and remove red-eye effect from them. There are two modes the add-on can function in: 1. Manual mode - a user selects facial region and points out spots with red-eye effect. It is possible to configure redness threshold used during removal. 2. Semi-automatic mode - a user selects facial region and the tool searches for red-eyes automatically.

Aurigma Red-Eye Removal 3.5   25-Feb-06   English   12.0 MB

You can configure eye search sensitivity and redness threshold. An important feature of Red-Eye Removal Add-on is that it analyses facial features, i.e. it recognizes and classifies the facial features and cuts off those which are least possible to be red-eyed. This algorithm prevents from color changes in portions of an image which are not red eyes. In addition to red-eye removal, the add-on can also return coordinates of the area which has been processed. In particular, it enables you to create JPEG-optimized red-eye removal (i.e. your application will be able to recompress only red-eyed area and keep all the rest JPEG untouched). Red-Eye Removal Add-on is shipped with a number of code examples: - Manual and semiautomatic red-eye removal Windows application. - Manual and semiautomatic red-eye removal Web application (using AJAX technology). - JPEG-optimized red-eye removal tool (which processes JPEG files and recompresses only red-eyed areas of the image).

Image Processing Automatic Photo. Component ASP Semi Manual Effect.   Aurigma Red-Eye Removal Add-on
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  • Requirements: .NET Framework 1.1/2.0