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Compare & Synch SQL Server in Visual Studio

Compare and Synchronize SQL Server in Visual Studio - Windows Shareware $199. CompareRocket for Visual Studio provides all of the necessary compare and synchronization functions a developer will need within Visual Studio. Whether migrating database objects or table data to a new database, or synchronizing SQL Server properties, CompareRocket provides this from a single point within Visual Studio.

CompareRocket for Visual 1.5   19-Jul-06   English   6.2 MB

As part of a source code control process, CompareRocket lets developers store comparisons into their source code control system to ensure the integrity of team development efforts.

SQL Server 2005 Tables. Views Stored Procedures Objects Syncrhonize Data Parameters.   CompareRocket for Visual Studio
  • Shareware Download from Quest Software
  • Screenshot
  • Win2000, WinXP, Win2003
  • Expires after 14 program starts
  • No Install Support
  • Major Update
  • Requirements: Visual Studio 2003, 2005. SQL Server 2000, 2005