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Creates Shockwave Flash movies

Contains pure Object Pascal library for creating Shockwave Flash movies - Shareware $199. Contains pure Object Pascal library for creating Macromedia Shockwave Flash movies (SWF), without using of any external dynamic libraries. Released features: Main Delphi SWF SDK features: reads and recreates an existing SWF; creates visual objects (shape, button, text); creates advanced objects (morphing shape, sprite); inserts various image formats (jpg, bmp, png, gif); inserts wave and MP3 sound as event or streaming; inserts FLV video; native Delphi Canvas with HDC handle for WinAPI GDI functions; imports Windows Metafile graphics; all types of filling (solid, gradient, image); Flash 8 effects (shadow, glow, edge, etc.

Delphi SWF SDK 2.3   15-Mar-08   English   4.0 MB

); supports device and embedded fonts; supports Unicode font and text; any transition and transformation; etc. In Flash Actions: embedded ActionScript Compiler with the full source code; all modifications of the script version: ActionScript 1, object oriented ActionScript 2/3, FlashLite 1.1; a log file of error compiles writing; a low-level action instruction (like p-code) and bytecode coding. XML technology supporting: make SWF from XML file using swf-level and flash-level of the SDK; save an existing SWF to XML file for recreating; save all resources as internal XML or external files; support a custom interpretation of standard and custom nodes.

Flash XML ActionScript Compiler Contains. Pure Object Pascal Library Creating Shockwave Movies.   Delphi SWF SDK
  • Shareware Download from FeatherySoft
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  • Minor Update
  • Changes since the last release: Supports Read/Write SWF9 tags; Supports XML Read/Write for SWF9; Rendering Metafile is improved; Stream sound writing in MP3 is improved; FindPlaceFromID and FindPlaceFromName is added for TSWFStreamReader.
  • Requirements: Delphi 5, 6, 7, 2005, 2006