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Hundreds of classes, code snippets

Save weeks off your development projects by using our ready-to-run code - Windows Shareware $47.55. ClassLibrary is the ultimate code library for developers, teams, and enterprises. It provides the best collection of ready-to-use code snippets, classes, how-tos, and articles. It also allows you to manage your own code and share knowledge within a team by using the fully searchable code repository.

ClassLibrary 11.1.8   5-May-08   English   869 KB

ClassLibrary provides both a full-featured standalone Code Explorer,is the Ultimate Code Library for Programmers. Get a jumpstart into programming with thousands of lines of C# and Visual Basic .NET code, JavaScript, HTML, ASP.NET. Hundreds of categories, samples, tips, how-to's and royalty-free code makes .NET coding a snap. It comes with pre-built databases covering C#, VB.NET, JavaScript, ASP.NET, SQL, ADO.NET WEBSERVICES & HTML comprising over 7.000+ Lines of Code, 260+Modules and 60+ Categories.

Access Tools Visual Studio Development Vb Vba Basic Utilities. Ins SQL Server Database ActiveX Source Code Save Weeks Projects Using Ready Run Hundreds Snippets.   ClassLibrary
  • Shareware Download from Jose L. Gomez
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  • WinXP, Win2000, Win2003, WinVista
  • Requirements: NetFramework