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Shell MegaPack GUI Explorer Shell Controls

Shell MegaPack brings drop-in Windows shell browsing functionality to your app - Windows Shareware $299. Shell MegaPack.Net recreates the entire Windows Explorer file & folder browsing UI functionality in your app in just a couple of seconds. Consisting of a folder tree control, a file/folder list control and a drive-selection control, it completely mimics the Windows Explorer UI including Thumbnail, Detail & Group View, dragdrop, icons, context menus, virtual items, infotips and renaming. Additionally, it features advanced functionality like item filtering, multiple-root nodes, checkboxes, custom items, custom columns and allows customization of context menus, dragdrop, appearance, display names, icons, overlay icons and infotips.

Shell MegaPack.Net 2008   18-Apr-08   Multilingual   3.3 MB

It is a perfect replacement for the plain, inflexible, modal APIs which developers are currently limited to. Also included is the ShellObjects set of components for creating quick launch-like appbars, displaying multiple MSN/Office2003 style popups, wizard UIs, animated tray icons, automatic form resizing, Vista-style task dialogs, system-wide hotkeys, task scheduler library, SingleInstanceComponent, shell file operations, system idle notifications and create and read shortcuts and internet shortcuts. Shell MegaPack.Net is written in 100% C# managed code; it fully supports Visual Studio 2008 with Net 3.5/3.0 and Vista; it has a royalty-free redistribution license; it has no external dependencies and it comes with comprehensive documentation and numerous samples.

Folderview Fileview Shcombobox Treeview Listview Component Activex Control. Explorer Forms Vb Mfc Shellnotifyicon Shellpopupnotification Appbar Shellobjects Systemhotkey Taskdialog Brings Drop Browsing Functionality GUI.   Shell MegaPack.Net
  • Shareware Download from LogicNP Software
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  • Win98, WinME, WinNT 4.x, Win2000, WinXP, Win2003, WinVista
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  • Changes since the last release: Support for additional IDEs and New features.
  • Requirements: .Net Framework 1.0 or higher.