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Access News Servers with simple activex

NNTP Wizard is an ActiveX control that gives a programmer the power - Windows Shareware $299. NNTP Wizard is an ActiveX control that gives a programmer the power to harness all that the Network News Transfer Protocol has to offer. With every standard command and almost all of the extended commands implemented in an easy to use and incredibly efficient manner, you can make your application as powerful as you want it to be in a relatively small amount of time . A lot of time and work has been put into making this as efficient as possible. It has asynchronous capabilities for all commands as well as transfer optimizations for utilizing the maximum bandwidth available for incredible speed.

NNTP Wizard ActiveX 3.0   1-Jul-05   English   5.0 MB

All commands are executed via a separate thread so your User Interface will not be disrupted or freeze when using the synchronous mode. The main features of NNTP Wizard are: Use all of the Standard NNTP RFC commands Use all non-deprecated extended NNTP RFC commands Asynchronous capability Full support for Scriptable Languages Completely Object Oriented for command response encapsulation This makes it easy to understand each commands data Special Article object that allows for adding and retrieving Attachments from Downloaded or Created Articles. Can be used to create or view Articles Support for multiple attachments Automatically encodes/decodes the UUEncoded attachment data Full Help System with complete index and context sensitive help with using the control Detailed Error descriptions and codes Easy to use NEW - Supports SOCKSv4 and SOCKSv5(aka SOCKS4 and SOCKS5) NNTP Wizard is a great choice for use in your project no matter what development environment you use (As long as it supports ActiveX). Seekford Solutions offer 100% completely free email technical support for all of our products. You can even take advantage of this during your evaluation period. We entertain all questions, and will even help with small examples for your particular application.

Download Protocol Hypertext Ocx File. Control Components Developers Gives Programmer Power Access News Simple.   NNTP Wizard ActiveX
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  • Changes since the last release: Seekford Solutions,Inc. NNTP Wizard. Release Notes. . v 1.0.3. //. FIXED - Memory allocation problems with asynchronous call routines. . v 1.0.4. //. FIXED - String allocation memory issue. FIXED - Licensing functionality issue. . v 1.0.5. //. FIXED - Article object did not handle folded header data properly. . ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////. //. // Version 2.0. //. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////. . v 2.0.6 - 06-11-2003. //. ADDED - WriteMessageToFile function for NNTPArticle. ADDED - WriteAttachmentToFile function for NNTPArticle. ADDED - ArticleNumber property for NNTPArticle. ADDED - ArticleID property for NNTPArticle. ADDED - Articles Object for holding a collection of Articles. . v 2.0.7 - 08-28-2003. //. UPDATED - Support for Disconnect cancellation has been optimized. FIXED - Memory issue with NNTPList event. . v 2.0.9 - 01-20-2004. //. ADDED - New event OnMessageProgress for Article download progress notification. . //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////. ///. ///. // Version 3.0. ///. ///. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////. . v3.0.12 - 5/1/2005. Numerous updates and algorithm modifications made to increase reliability and performance. . . v3.0.13 - 06-09-2005. Line processing modified to support handling of double data according to protocol specs.