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PPL is a fast programming language

PPL is a fast and easy-to-learn programming language - Windows Shareware $39.95. PPL is a fast and easy-to-learn programming language that is fully object-oriented. PPL runs on all PocketPCs using Windows Mobile 2000, 2002, 2003, 2003SE, and WM2005. PPL is also compatible with PC desktop computers. Programs written for one system are 100% compatible with the other. Write high quality games in no time using our easy-to-use GameAPI that incorporates physics, isometric display support, pixel-perfect collision detection and so much more.

PPL 1.04   6-Oct-06   English   12.8 MB

.. Design forms visually on your PDA or desktop computer with the visual form builder. Edit components properties and code events within the same interface. PPL has been in active development for more than two years now. It has been beta tested by hundreds of people all over the world. PPL has proven to be very stable, many projects have been developed with it and some are being sold right now even using a beta version of PPL. Benefits of PPL: - Write code from anywhere, anytime, on your PocketPC. - PPL is fast and small. Install the complete rapid development environment on your old PC or laptop. - Write games in hours instead of weeks, thanks to the integrated GameAPI and physics. - From ideas to reality, PPL packs features to help you achieve your goals. - Save hundreds of dollars, PPL is loaded with profesionnal tools that would cost you hundreds of dollars with other programming languages. - Finally be recognised as a master programmer without being one.

Fast Compiler Programming Language Assembler Mobile. Pocketpc Wince Game Basic Pascal Physic Write Easy Learn.   PPL
  • Shareware Download from Alain Deschenes
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  • WinXP, Win2000, Win2003, Win CE, Pocket PC, Win Mobile 2003
  • Install and Uninstall
  • Minor Update
  • Changes since the last release: - Huge list of changes since 1.01. - Fixed installation process.
  • Requirements: 16 MB RAM, Windows 2k,XP,2003, Windows CE, PocketPC 2000,2002,WM2003,WM2005