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Menu bar date/time/stocks/alarms/time zone/calendar - Mac Shareware $20. No. 2 of the 3 Essential Utilies for Mac OS X. Replace the antiquated/limited Mac menubar clock with iClock. iClock is a centrally located time hub that controls many time related functions. See the time and date simultaneously in any format or color.

iClock for Mac OS X 3.0.5   8-Aug-06   English   5.1 MB

Click on it to see a drop down menu of the current time/date in any city in the world or option click to see your updated portfolio of stocks. Use the lightning quick calendar, stop watch, calculator and timers (that can be set with one click). Never miss another appointment. Jot down notes in the new iClock To Do list. OS 9 type application menu and more... Widgets are limited to the widget world, iClock is available everywhere because its an application. iClock is an essential utility for everyone in this global age. Get things done with iClock.

Calendar Alarms Timezones. Menu Bar Date Stocks.   iClock for Mac OS X
  • Shareware Download from Mark Fleming
  • 10.4, Mac OS X
  • Expires at some specific date
  • Install and Uninstall
  • Major Update
  • Changes since the last release: Version 3.05 - Fixed saving column width and order of stock portfolio, location list and alarm items. - Fixed auto check so it does not show same version check message. - Fixed displaying of icon for some appliations in ASM Menu Bar (BBEdit, GEDitCoM, Taco HTML Edit) - Updated Custom Alarms UI to move setup items (Use Growl, Menu Icon, Edit Times and Titles) to sheet. - Updated Location tooltip to display time zone string when pointing at: LTD/GMT and Zone columns in 10.4 or later. - Fixed crash on startup when calendar is not set to show on startup and any hot key is set. - Added now can draw text in color for stock price changes (up /down) in the Stock portfolio. - Added hot key to set Alarms (Customize...) - Added notification to update Web Info menu when URL Editor changes are saved. - Added new web info sites: Mac Sites:,, and new category Currency exchange calculators CNN Money and Currency Exchange Rate Conversion Calculator that goes to Note: must reset to URL default to see these new sites.
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.3 or higher