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NiceClock - stylish gear for your Time

NiceClock - skinable Screensaver, Voice informer, Keyboard locker - Shareware $14.95. NiceClock-stylish gear for your Time! Completely new clockwork with skinable Screensaver, Voice informer, Keyboard locker, advanced Alarm and Organizer. NiceClock v.2.0 contains: 1) Screensaver with fully skinable watches and indicators, 2)Voice informer, 3)Keyboard locker, 4)Organizer, 5)Alarm manager. Features inside: 1) Powered by accurate clockwork that always shows you precise time, 2)Improved graphical engine.

Niceclock S60 for Symbian 2.0   27-Jun-06   English   636 KB

You'd never before glance at your mobile with such pleasure, 3)Lot's of functions. Helps to customize your smartphone, 4)Energy saving technology. Functionality brief description: Voice informer: 1)Pronounce current time, 2)Inform and remind you about active and missed calls, messages, events, 3)Graphical and sound notification about scheduled events. ScreenSaver: 1)All-you-need on-screen indicators,2)Skinable look, 3)Clear indicators, 4)Zoom feature. Keyboard locker: 1)Two operation modes, 2)Customizable settings, 3)Manual and automatic activation. Alarm Manager: 1)Adds extra alarm for your device, 2)Alarm sound option, 3)Rings even mobile phone is off. Organizer: 1)Fully integrates with standard calendar, 2)Notification about scheduled events, 3)Remind about coming events. Designed for all Symbian OS v.7 and v.8 powered smartphones with S60 user interface.

Mobile Watch Screensaver Theme Style. Time Skinable Voice Informer Keyboard Locker Stylish Gear.   Niceclock S60 for Symbian v7,8
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