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Nice, fast and flexible Desktop clock

Nice, fast and flexible Desktop clock - Windows Shareware $16.95. PerfectClock 2007 lets you to know the time in any place all over the world without any calculations - each clock can show time in it's own time-zone time. Clocks can stay on top of other windows, even on top of Task Manager and Screen Saver. Clocks can be Grouped to move them together, Locked to avoid occasional movement or Hidden.

PerfectClock 2007 Standard 2.2.2   16-Nov-07   Multilingual   3.4 MB

PerfectClock 2007 supports time synchronization with on-line time servers (SNTP). PerfectClock 2007 is based on flexible skin-engine: # Skins are Semi-Transparent. This allows clocks to look perfect in any scale - Smooth Edges, Nice Arrows and Digits. Global Transparency is also available. # Skins can contain Schemes and provide Additional Options for advanced tweaking # Skins are scalable up to one pixel precision # Skin designers can create skins imitating any watch in real world: Dates, Days Of Week, Months and more - in digital and analog styles.

Desktop TimeZone Wold World. WorldTime Watch Skin Nice Fast Flexible.   PerfectClock 2007 Standard Edition
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  • WinXP, Win2000, Win2003, WinVista
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