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Unique analog Timer & Alarm Clock & Planner

Unique analog Timer & Alarm Clock. Six actions per task. Multicustomizable view - Windows Shareware $24.85. SNV Timer is an unique program which combines advanced analog Timer & Alarm & Clock & Planner. Its main features are: the ability to execute a great number of tasks in the multiple instances of SNV Timer simultaneously, multicustomizable appearance (colors, fonts, background pictures, size, shape, shadow, appearing speed, etc.) of each instance, six (!) different actions per task, The unique additional ability - setting an actuation time by simple rotation of arrows with mouse.

SNV Timer 2.2.1   22-Dec-07   English   2.7 MB

SNV Timer is able to execute the following actions: showing an elegant customizable message box, playing an audio file (including its random selection from any set folder), showing a picture/video file (including its random selection from any set folder) in full-screen mode, opening an external program or file or web page, a COM port command (to control external electronic devices), and a modem command (to call a phone number). These actions can be run simultaneously, or in any combination. In the alarm mode you can specify how often the chosen tasks run: daily, in the chosen days of the week, monthly, or yearly. In the timer mode you can set a number of executions and a time unit: days, hours, minutes, or seconds. The overdue tasks can be run on SNV Timer startup. SNV Timer provides the ability to open its own multiple instances on one system. Each instance can have its own appearance and tasks. Finally, any instance of SNV Timer can be run on Windows startup (minimized to a tray icon, or hidden). It allows you to use SNV Timer as an original and nice planner.

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  • Shareware Download from Nikolay Sukhorukov
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  • Win98, WinME, Win2000, WinXP
  • Expires after 15 program starts
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