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Card XRay, Next Generation Poker Calculator

Use Card XRay, the next generation of Poker Calculator, to maximise your profit - Windows Shareware $25. Card-XRay: the most advanced texas holdem poker calculator on the market! Download Card-XRay today, the latest online poker calculator, for the edge that will start your conversion from being a poker fish, to becoming a poker shark! The automated tools in the Card-XRay software will help you analyse not only your game, but the game of the others around the table. This software does what the professionals do in their heads - and it's all configurable to your game style.

CardXRay 1.0.0   23-Apr-06   English   846 KB

Card-XRay takes the guess work out of the analysis process. But Card Xray does more than just analyse cards. It can help you strategise by allowing you to configure the system to your own game plan so that the software listens to how you play and supports this with the analytical information you can use to take more pots. Look at the features Card-XRay offers: - Learn which are the right start cards to play; - Know the odds of winning with your hand; - onitor your opponents; - Editable starting hands to enable you to play the way you want to play ; - Full odds and outs calculator ; - Hand details screen tracking ; - Current and previous play ;rom all the players ; - Percentage results of players on previous hands ; - Automatic display of the hands that players have played in previous situations ; - Full action details for the last five hands ; Can you afford not take the software for a free whirl around the table? Card-XRay software is Guaranteed Spyware Free!

Poker Calculator Online. Texas Holdem Generation Maximise Profit.   CardXRay
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