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Your own personal poker hands odds calculator

Poker hands odds calculator, providing realtime recommendations and advice - Windows Shareware $99.95. Pokerbility enables you to enhance your poker skills and improve your game, giving you that extra edge when playing online poker. Pokerbility is your own personal odds calculator, providing you with the odds and recommendations while you play, in real time - serving as your automatic mentor and advisor while you learn the ropes of poker.

Pokerbility 1.10.12   7-Dec-06   English   905 KB

Pokerbility provides you - whether beginner or expert - with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface that 'accompanies' you as you play, analysing the situation in real-time, and providing you the probabilities and advice you need to reach the right decision while playing. Use Pokerbility to serve as your control panel, giving you a clear picture of the status of the table, odds chart, advice area, and more.

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