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Assistant in lottery playing

Assistant in lottery playing. It is realized three unique methods - Windows Shareware $27.77. It''s a well-known fact that nobody knows the right "strategy" to win a lottery (regardless of the lottery kind). So, any book, or paper, or software, or person promising to "teach you how to win a lottery" is a liar. Nevertheless, there are certain scientific and statistical methods, which although will not make you a winner, they will increase you chances to win. The theme of KILY Lotto is not some charlatan "magic" it''s about help, statistics, automation, and so on.

KILY Lotto 2.16   7-Jun-07   Multilingual   5.4 MB

KILLY Lotto knows about the majority of the worlds prominent lotteries when they are played, what the conditions are, what the statistics of wins, etc. The software will help you generate numbers that MAY win, then check the result and remember them for the statistics purposes. The method used for the generation can be either "Heaps", assuming there is an irregularity in numbers, or "7+1" to enumerate all possible numbers. Finally, you can use the mix of both methods. All numbers are grouped into "not to include", "include" and "lucky" ones. With either method, with any software, you cannot win a particular lottery DEFINITELY. But the consistency, statistics and perseverance will let you SIGNIFICANTLY increase your chances. And for doing so, the best tool is KILY Lotto. Still, dont forget about the luck!

Lottery Gambling Prize Generator. Assistant Playing Realized Three Unique Methods.   KILY Lotto
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  • Changes since the last release: Assistant in lottery playing. It is realized three unique methods for generating of numbers. The majority of the types of lotteries is supported.