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Post events and messages to the web

Post events and messages to the web. Users can search and contol views - Multi-OS Shareware. awSchedule is a dynamic, web enabled schedule and message board for small to large groups. You can view events in calendar,log, and agenda formats and can filter them using criteria such as time, place, event type. The administrative portal allows you to edit and browse the database. The web application includes open source JSP and Java that you may tailor to your needs.

awSchedule awSchedule   28-Jan-04   English   477 KB

Applications include Church events, School events, School homework assignments, Meeting events. Models the following. -Events: Occurrences with a definite time and duration. You may associate time, place, who, type and other info. -Notes: Additional info attached to an event. -Messages: General messages and info. Features include: -Searchable view of events. -Searchable view of notes. -Searchable calendar view of events. -Searchable log view of events. -Searchable agenda view of events. -Help pages. -Multi-level search screens. -Configurable drop downs. --Administrative portal -Repeat events based on a model. Requirements: Java. JSP server (eg, tomcat). JDBC accessable data base manager and connector (eg, mySql). Eden Systems LLL utilities. ant for construction.

Dynamic Web Application Calendar Message Board. Enabled Groupware Zib1L35 Post Events Users Search Contol Views.   awSchedule
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