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PROACTIME, a new generation of PIMS

PROACTIME, a new generation of holistic Personal Information Managers - Windows Shareware $49. PROACTIME is a Personal Information Manager, easy to use in spite of its sophisticated functions. It is dedicated to users who look for a powerful tool to pilot their activities and manage their resources. It offers a holistic and user friendly approach to self-organization. PROACTIME, is all together an evolving working method and a Swiss knife for self-organization: - Gradual time tracking, real-time or time-shifted, on the base of either standard activities or specific activities; - A method to enter, validate and sort ones tasks in order to free an overloaded time space ; - Provision of all needed resources for the scheduled action in order to focus oneself exclusively on the job to be done.

PROACTIME PRO 6.12   16-Jan-09   Multilingual   57.1 MB

Main functions cover following areas: - Dashboard to pilot and visualize all activities and linked resources; - Days schedule to organize the daily activities; - Manual and automatic planning of activity blocs, isolated actions and projects ; - Space to note all data before their validation and sorting; - Management of ones activities which enables to group them by project or metaprojects or to break them down into the specific steps of their processes; - Design of projects and metaprojects by tree structure; - Follow-up of ones production and work load; - Development of a personal knowledge base with tree structures and the integration of all ones resources (partners, processes, files, documents, notes, memos); - Filing method for documents and books; - Simplified organization of disk files; - Follow-up of ones budget (shopping list included) and monitoring of ones solvency ; - Synchronization of contacts and meeting with OUTLOOK; - mailing with OUTLOOK or POP3/SMTP; - Data export / import with POCKET PC and SMARTPHONE ; - Reminder (post-it, alerts, birthday). PROACTIME is an open application. TXT /CSV files can be imported. Data can be exported in different formats: TXT/CSV, XML and XLS (Microsoft and OpenOffice compatible).

Management Project Resource PIM Personal Information Organizer Scheduler. Notes Keeper Filing System Automatic Knowledge Base Mental State Flow Tracking Keyword Generation Holistic.   PROACTIME PRO
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  • Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT 4.x, Win2000, WinXP, Win2003, WinVista
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