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SyncCell lets you use your RAZR like a PDA

Sync Outlook Calendar and Contacts to RAZR and Motorola phones with one click - Windows Shareware $24.99. SyncCell software provides a fast and easy way to sync your Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes Calendar and Contacts to your Motorola RAZR mobile phone's Datebook. With SyncCell one mouse-click puts your appointments, meetings, and other data on your RAZR or other Motorola cellular phone. Never be without your important information again! You can sync your phone with multiple Outlook folders or even with multiple computers! It's Outlook 2007 and Vista compatible! Your cellular phone can be your personal assistant and SyncCell can turn your RAZR or other Motorola phone into a powerful business tool.

SyncCell For Motorola 2.2.02   14-Apr-08   English   5.4 MB

Now you can have all of your important information with you on your RAZR cell phone! SyncCell is the only Motorola synchronization solution trusted by demanding business professionals! With SyncCell you never have to wonder what time your appointment is because with one click all that information can be at your fingertips on your cellular phone. You don't have to pay the high prices for a PDA or Smartphone when all you really need is SyncCell. With the Backup and Restore features, you never have to worry about losing your contacts. When no other Internet connection is available, SyncCell provides an easy way to connect to the Internet, send text messages, or send emails in even the most remote locations. The Internet, email, and text message features create versatile and powerful business tools. SyncCell's convenient file manager lets you simply drag-n-drop to download photos / videos / ringtones / MP3's. SyncCell is also Bluetooth Compatible! Sync Wirelessly with Bluetooth USB Adapter! SyncCell has won multiple industry awards and has been rated as both the Best-In-Class and as a Best Buy! Free Upgrades For One Year! Why PAY for a PDA when SyncCell is all you need? See for yourself why our customers say "SyncCell is the only one we trust!" Sync with Outlook, Lotus Notes, Google Calendar, and Vista Calendar.

RAZR Outlook Calendar Contacts Lotus Notes V3 KRZR Bluetooth V3c V3m V3i V3x V3rx V9. SLVR PEBL RISR K1 V235 V550 K1v K1m V6 L2 L6 L6i L7 L71 E815 W315 V180 V220 V300 V400 V265 Mobile Phone Tools Click Lets PDA.   SyncCell For Motorola
  • Shareware Download from BIDCOM Technologies
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  • WinXP, Win2000, Win2003, WinVista
  • Expires after 14 program starts
  • Install and Uninstall
  • Major Update
  • Requirements: USB Data Cord or Bluetooth Adapter