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OpenRemind (Reminder / Organizer / Notes)

OpenRemind - PIM type SOFTWARE (Reminder / Organizer / Notes / Calendar) - Windows Shareware $29.95. OpenRemind is a PIM type application - Personal Information Manager. Program basic features: Reminder / Organizer / Scheduler, Address Base, Notes, Newsletter. Tasks: The program reminds about Tasks at an appointed time, enables creating cyclical Tasks, adding any file (document) to the Task, and also starting the program or turning off the computer at any time. The Tasks are presented in a form of a clear day schedule and a list with a possibility of searching and sorting them. The program can also include such Tasks as sending e-mails, even to a few hundred recipients listed in the address base.

OpenRemind   14-Mar-08   Multilingual   2.0 MB

Address Base: The Base enables a clear filing of any private or companys personal data. Each database entry can be defined individually adjusting it to personal needs. It also includes an intuitive contact search and sorting system. Notepad: The Notepad enables to record any information connecting it at the same time with the address base contacts. Each database entry can be defined individually adjusting it to personal needs. It also includes a sorting system and a Note search. Newsletter: The Newsletter enables e-mail sending to one, a dozen or even a few hundred recipients at the same time. Moreover, after adding it to the Task the sending procedure can go on automatically in any cyclical time. Due to adapted solutions the OpenReminds Newsletter can serve as an effective information and advertising tool for our new and regular contractors. E-mail checking: The e-mail checking feature relies on informing the User about new messages in the inbox. The Program also provides the amount of e-mails in the certain e-mail account.

Organizer Note Calendar Scheduler Tasks. Event Contacts Address Base Newsletter Pim Type.   OpenRemind
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  • WinXP, WinVista
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  • Changes since the last release: Improve program quality.