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PalmaryDates is an original holiday manager

PalmaryDates is a holiday manager with 400+ holidays for 70+ countries - Palm Shareware $14.95. PalmaryDates is an original holiday manager. It gives you the information about 400+ unique national and religious holidays for 70+ countries. You can easily export the holidays of your own choice to the Palm Date Book or to the MemoPad. You can edit a holiday and in the case a holiday is absent in the list, you can easily add it. Using PalmaryDates program you can arrange your trip to any country of the world.

PalmaryDates 1.2   5-Apr-05   English   264 KB

This application not only reminds you of the holidays but also allows you to compare the differences between the holidays in different countries. Features - Quick event addition and removal into Date Book - Quick information export to MemoPad - National and Religious Holidays from 2003 to 2015 - Agendus and DateBK icon support - Calendars category support - Simple and user-friendly interface - Easy holiday editing and adding Technologies - Full database synchronization with Date Book, Calendar, Agendus and DateBK. Update description - Obvious separation of the past and future holidays - Improved holiday addition - Armenian holidays are added - Orthodox Easter bug fixes - Minor bug fixes

Holiday Manager Time Nice Book. Calendar Agendus DateBK Original 400 70 Countries.   PalmaryDates
  • Shareware Download from PalmarySoft
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  • Palm OS 4.0, Palm OS 5.0, Palm OS 6.0
  • Expiration: export to the Date Book restriction
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