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Periodic on-screen reminders

Days Away will periodically remind you of upcoming events by discreetly fading i - Mac Shareware $12. An application that periodically reminds the user of upcoming events by discreetly fading in to focus, pausing for you to read the events, and discreetly fading back out.

Days Away 1.4.1   27-Jun-05   English   1.9 MB

Just add the date that needs to be remembered by clicking on a calendar, and adding the name of the event. Periodically, Days Away will fade into view so the user can see how many "Days Away" the important date is. Use Days Away to remind the user of due dates, birthdays,anniversaries, or any other special occasions.

Events Reminder Pariahware. Periodically Upcoming Discreetly Fading.   Days Away
  • Shareware Download from Pariahware Inc.
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  • Mac OS X
  • Expires after 7 program starts
  • No Install Support
  • Major Update