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Utility for date organizing and reminding

DaySense for Palm is an utility for date organizing and reminding - Palm Shareware $15.96. DaySense makes date management SIMPLE! This is the most indispensable Palm utility ever! Now you will never forget birthdays, anniversaries or even paying your bills! Centralise ALL your events into a single location and let DaySense remind you. Synchronize with Datebook DaySense will ensure that the events you entered is synchronize with your datebook. This ensure that you will never forget the events even if you do not run DaySense. Categorize Events Categorize the events into different categories. This allows you to also view a specific category of events only. Dazzle the events with icons Assign different icons to different categories.

DaySense 1.0   18-May-05   English   540 KB

This allows you to quickly differentiate the events. You can even get new sets of icons and use it. Sorting events and column resizing Sort the events by any columns, whether by date, by description, by days to event and so on. You can even resize the columns to your liking! What a pleasure to use DaySense. Powerful repeat function This is a very powerful feature that allows you to repeat the event in many ways such as: - Repeat Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly - Repeat by Day or Date of the Month (Useful for billing cycles) - Repeat for Particular day(s) of a week Import from Memo Pad and Address Book You can import events from memo and address book. So you can now download list of events and import to DaySense in seconds! Or if you have entered your friend's birthdays in Address book, no problem! Just a few tap away and they will all be organize into a nice list in DaySense. Quick Event Finding Our find feature is very easy to use. Just type in the text you wish to search for and we will find it! You do not need to type in full. We find the record as you type. Support Hi-Res, Hi-Res+, OS5, Potrait & Lanscape DaySense has been written from ground up to support as many devices as possible and as many device specific feature as possible.

Palm Date Reminder Organizer. Event Birthday Anniversary Billing Utility.   DaySense
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  • Palm OS 4.0, Palm OS 5.0
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