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Flowcharts,Trees for C/C++ Code - Base

C/C++ Code - Flowcharts, RichTrees, Auto formatting, Documenation - Base - Windows Shareware $249. Understand Code in Less Time Create Flowchart from Source Code. Get a clear view of the code with Flowcharts. Inherited legacy code? A new member of the team? You will be up to speed in significantly less time. Verify correctness of function logic. Detect errors. Use Flowcharts for faster Code-reviews. Multiple flowchart flavors level, optimal, loop and conditions, area wise. Code & Flowchart Synchronization while browsing Comment flowcharts for a wider audience. Export flowcharts to BMP/JPEG/VISIO formats. Code-only, Comment-only and Code+Comment flowcharts.

Crystal FLOW for C 3.83   31-Jan-08   English   6.0 MB

Print large flowcharts in a single page. Code is Easy-to-read: Auto-Formatting of Code and Comments. Not just indenting and line wrapping. Line up object-names in successive declarations. Line up assignment operators in assignments. Split and indent long expressions as per operator precedence Transform hard-to-read code into very readable code. Improved code readability. Detect errors easily Other features Rich Call & Caller Trees, Include & Include By Trees, Paths - at Function, File, Project Level. Premium Code/Comment Browsing Project Level - Word/Object/Modified Object/Regular Expression/Lexical Search Software Metrics - McCabes, Halstead HTML documents of source+comments (Javadoc like!). No need to maintain HTML documents - just comment the code using the Crystal REVS editions. Cross-reference for all identifiers, Color Coded Metrics. Import VC++. Visual Studio.Net, Borland projects Language Extensions, Keil Compiler Support SCC Integration Editions: DataFlow: Rich Trees, Object DataFlows, CallFlows, Flowcharts with inline expansion. Docs: Comprehensive HTML docs with flowcharts, Trees, Source Code listing & full browsing. Professional: Features of all editions + Rich Trees, Project Flowcharts, Custom Symbols in Flowcharts, Source Code Publisher, Batch output of Flowcharts. Trees, Files

Flowchart Programming Format Beautify Styler Call Trees Caller Include Editor. Ide Browse Tools Project Parse Data Dictonary Metrics McCabe Halstead Publisher Documentation Visio File Compare Code RichTrees Formatting Base.   Crystal FLOW for C
  • Shareware Download from Vikas Joshi
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  • WinNT 4.x, Win2000, WinXP, Win2003, WinVista
  • Expires after 10 program starts
  • Install and Uninstall
  • Major Update
  • Changes since the last release: Rich Call & Caller Trees with Enhanced searching, Project File & Include-by trees, Conditional Compilation directives recognition within entities, Bug fixes and improvements
  • Requirements: Pentium III, RAM - 512 MB, 1280x1024 Display Resolution