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Forum or guest book for your web site

Powerful full-featured forum for your web site - Windows Shareware $49. Advanced Forum is a small but still powerful CGI application that alows you to implement a discussions on your website. Webmaster can assign HTML header and footer and forum will looks like other website pages. The included password protection gives only authorized persons access to the administration area.

Advanced Forum 1.02.10   18-Oct-07   English   34 KB

You can assign a moderator password and give moderator rights to third party. Also you can password protect access to forum and/or postings to forum. Administrator and moderator have rights to delete posting online. You may create up to 4093 forums. Advanced Forum is a 32-bit native application for Windows 2000/NT/98/95. It is written in C++ for stability, speed, and minimal use of system resources. The Advanced Forum executable is only 30kb. Compare that to the footprint of other multi-megabyte software!

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  • Shareware Download from Sergei Polishchuk
  • Win95, Win98, WinNT3.x, WinNT4.x, Win2000
  • No Install Support
  • New Release