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Known as Web Page Saver/Captor

Capture, save and organize your favorite web pages in your own knowledge base - Windows Shareware $15. Canaware NetNotes, also known as Web page saver, Web page captor, and Web page organizer, is a handy tool which offers you the ability to capture, save and organize your favorite web pages into your own knowledge base. You can capture a complete web page or the portion you like such as images, specific paragraphs or source code snippets by a right-clicking in the Internet browsers (Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox), and the potential dangerous scripts hidden in the web page will be removed automatically; You can also download the targets of the hyperlinks in the web page as the attachments to the article; Finally, you can organize, edit, search and backup the articles in the knowledge base with a WYSIWYG article editor.

Canaware NetNotes 4.1.2   8-Oct-06   English   1.9 MB

Web Page Saver Capture Organizer. Captor Offline Browser Utility Favorite Knowledge Base.   Canaware NetNotes
  • Shareware Download from Canaware Corporation
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  • WinXP, Win2000, Win2003
  • Expiration: 99 articles trial
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