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The software can find more smtp server quick

Smtp Scaner can find more smtp server quick - Windows Shareware $59.99. The powerful tool to your email marketing service. Use SMTP SCANER, you can find out many workable SMTP servers in few hours or days. It is can check the smtp server ( Relay SMTP Server and Anonymous SMTP Server ) . It can use hundreds of threads/connections to search. When you put 100 connections, it is the same thing as 100 computers searching ip addresses.

smtp scaner 1.29   5-Apr-05   English   1.4 MB

And This program can be used to check a list of SMTP servers to see if they are still valid and accepting anonymous connections.If you want to send mass mailling , you will need many of SMTP server,so this software will help you! Features 1.Smtp Server Hunter support multi-threads . 2.Fast search, With only a 33.6k modem, the program will Scan 50 threads, at the rate of over 1, 000 Ip Address per minute . 3.Blind server detective 4.It has the ability to Check the smtp server(SMTP Relay Server and SMTP Anonymous Server). 5.BCC size checking 6.Builtin POP3 protocol support

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