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Allows to sort, organize, change mp3 tags

Allows you to sort, organize, play, change mp3 tags, have 47 skins - Windows Shareware $19. Advanced Mp3 sorter is an excellent program to sort, organize and change mp3 tags of one ore multiple files. It has two very useful wizards: 1. Super rename: Automatically rename files according to their tag information.

Advanced Mp3 Sorter 1.0   22-Dec-08   English   2.0 MB

2. Super tag changer: Automatically will set tag information according to file name format. Also it has 47 extraordinary skins that will allow you customize application appearance how you like! This is the first version, imagine what knew cool features will be added in the future (all of them will be free for you if you buy this software now!). For example, we are thinking to add convert feature on the fly in the near future.

Organize Tag Allows. Play Change 47 Skins.   Advanced Mp3 Sorter
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