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Oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, signal gen

Pocket PC based real time oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer and signal generator - Windows Shareware $49.95. VIRTINS Pocket Instrument is a powerful Pocket PC based virtual instrument software. It consists of a real time oscilloscope, a real time spectrum analyzer and a signal generator, and can run them simultaneously. Unlike most of the sound card oscilloscopes in the market which search trigger event after data collection, it features a specially designed data acquisition approach which is able to monitor the input signal continuously without missing any trigger event before the frame of data is collected. As a result, VIRTINS Pocket Instrument boasts a very fast screen refresh rate and thus a truly real time response.

Virtins Pocket Instrument 1.0   5-Dec-05   Multilingual   293 KB

It supports sophisticated triggering method including pre-trigger and post-trigger which are generally missing from other sound card based instruments. VIRTINS Pocket Instrument features zooming and scrolling function and allocates most of the screen for data display, all of which are essential for you to exploring the fine details of the measurement data. In contrast, most of other sound card based instrument spent much precious screen space to simply mimic the panel of the conventional instrument. VIRTINS Pocket Instrument provides a comprehensive range of functions including waveform addition, waveform subtraction, Lissajous Pattern display, transient signal recording, RMS amplitude spectrum display, Relative amplitude spectrum display, phase spectrum display, auto correlation coefficient display, cross correlation coefficient display, function generation, arbitrary waveform generation, white noise and pink noise generation and sweep signal generation, etc. VIRTINS Pocket instrument stores data in either standard WAV file or TXT file. It supports WAV file importing and BMP file exporting and printing.

Oscilloscope Spectrum Analyzer Signal Generator. Virtual PC Sound Card FFT Based Real Time.   Virtins Pocket Instrument
  • Shareware Download from Hongwei Wang
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  • Pocket PC, Win Mobile 2003, Win Mobile 2005
  • Expires after 2 program starts
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  • Requirements: Pocket PC 2002 or above with ARM/XScale CPU