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Violin practice and sight reading software

Violin practice software with integrated tuner and sight reading software - Windows Shareware $25. Practice makes perfect: Try. And try again. There is no substitute to hard work. Let tutor revolutionize your instrument practice. Impress your instructor on your next session. Perfect pitch: Play the right note, every time. tutor listens to you, guiding you towards the right note on your instrument. In practice mode, tutor flashes notes for you to play.

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Playing the right note allows you to progress to the next note in your scale. 3 difficulty modes - Beginner, Advanced, and Virtuoso - will accomodate you at any point in your learning process. Reading made easy: Learn to read sheet music with tutor. Sheet music is displayed next to letter notation in Beginner difficulty. As you work your way to higher difficulties, you will have to rely on your sheet reading ability to know what note to play next. Tuning in: Keeping your instrument in tune has never been easier: the integrated tuner will allow you to be pitch-perfect, every time. Keep your instrument in top condition, and keep the guesswork out of your practice.

Violin Practice Tool. Tuner Intonation Sight Reading Integrated.   tutor
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  • Win2000, WinXP, Win2003
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  • Requirements: .NET Framework 1.1, Sound card and microphone