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Automatically creates and merges play lists

Automatically creates and merges play lists based on folder structure - Windows Shareware $9.95. Playlist Auto Creator looks at the folders and music files on a given hard drive or digital music player and automatically creates play lists (M3U files). Play lists are not only created in the same folders as the music files themselves, but also in all of the folders above them, depending on which folder Playlist Auto Creator is originally pointed at. This provides you with play lists that cover your entire music collection, as well as play lists for a given artist, genre, and for the albums themselves, all based on the folder structure and organization of the music collection.

Playlist Auto Creator 1.13   14-Mar-06   English   331 KB

The play lists contain entries that are relative to the folder they reside in and entries can be created with pieces of the path separated either by forward or backslashes. When targeting a folder for play list creation, you can either target a local computer hard drive or a digitial music device (iRiver, for instance) itself. An unlimited number of file extensions (MP3, WMA, etc.) can be examined and generated play lists are always deleted and recreated each time, which ensures they current. Additionally, Playlist Auto Creator can merge existing play lists, creating new play lists that contain entries from the original play lists. The new play list entries have relative paths that are correct for the folder they reside in. This means the original play lists can be from multiple sub-folders at various levels in the directory structure and Playlist Auto Creator will automatically resolve the path information so the new play lists work correctly without user modification.

M3u Mp3 Wma Music Album. Track Iriver Winamp Automatically Merges Based Folder Structure.   Playlist Auto Creator
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  • Win98, WinME, Win2000, WinXP, Win2003
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