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Send and receive SMS using any gsm modem

Get the power of being in touch with all your clients using SMS - Windows Shareware $40. One of the premium products from Indisoft, smartcell has two flavours; standard and professional. The features of these products are listed below: * Empowers you with the ability to send a normal text message to anyone or any group in the world using GSM mobiles from your desktop, your website and your custom built applications.

Smartcell Standard 1.0   1-Apr-06   English   742 KB

* Offers you the ability to send Flash SMS to any recipient in the same or different mobile network. * Compatible with most GSM modems (e.g. Motorola), and certain GSM mobile phone models, in particular Motorola and Wavecomm GSM modems. Allows you to connect your device to the server via device-PC serial data cable. * Can be deployed across web-based intranets and extranets. * Includes API to 3rd party applications. Supports ASP, PHP, Perl, C, C++, Delphi and Visual Basic.

Sms Component Gsm Phone Modem Messages Mobile Automatic Activex. Development Delphi Vb Asp Gateway Short Service Text Power Being Touch Clients Using Send Receive.   Smartcell Standard
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