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Web App. Development and Deployment Env

Web App Development and Deployment Environment, Cross Platform, Tiny Footprint - Linux Freeware. Caravan Business Server is an extremely easy to use comprehensive development and deployment framework which has been used to build Enterprise wide, mission critical Web-based applications.

Caravan Business Server for 3.15-03D   2-Aug-04   English   1.0 MB

It includes, as a seamless integrated package, an easy to use Scripting Language, Search Engine, Database Engine, a Web Server and a Communication Server, which makes it a 1-Tier Architecture. Caravan Business Server is currently available on Linux. Once an application is developed on any OS, the same can be simply redeployed on any other OS without making any changes. The size of the environment is

Web Application Development Deployment Platform. Cross Tiny Size Fast Rapid Environment Footprint.   Caravan Business Server for Linux
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