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Lua and LSP tutorial

Tutorial for the Lua programming language and web-development using LSP - Freeware. Tutorial for the Lua programming language and web-development using LSP. Lua Server Pages, LSP for short, is a blinding fast general-purpose scripting language that is well suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML. LSP supports the latest Web development techniques such as WEB 2.0 applications, Ajax, and Web-Services.

LSP tutorial 1.0   10-Apr-07   English   25 KB

LSP is powered by the powerful and light weight programming language Lua and is comparable to the speed of a compiled language such as C++. As an example, an XML parser designed in Lua is just as fast as an XML compiler designed in C code. You will find learning LSP easy if you have experience with a scripting language such as PHP, ASP, etc.. Learning Lua is a breeze if you have prior experience with any scripting language. The WEB server API available to LSP applications is similar to APIs in enterprise servers, and you can, therefore, use your existing knowledge when designing LSP applications. LSP is a plugin integrated into the BarracudaDrive Server. This is a Lua Server Pages Application and requires the free or professional BarracudaDrive server.

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