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A cool collection of wallpapers

CreatEmotionsTM introduces the "Always Summer" wallpaper preview pack - Windows Freeware. CreatEmotionsTM presents the first preview pack of the "Always Summer" product (to be released in 2007): it's a cool collection of wallpapers. The "Always Summer" wallpapers preview pack aim to transmit good feelings and to generate curiosity around the CreatEmotionsTM brand.

CreatEmotionsTM Preview Pack 1.0   8-Nov-06   English   5.0 MB

A collection of eight CreatEmotionsTM wallpapers is available for download to your PC. A provided control center allows the user to change the desktop without efforts. CreatEmotionsTM invites everyone to download this first "Always Summer" preview pack and enjoy the wallpapers provided for free. "CreatEmotionsTM is a new internet idea with three secrets that will be unveiled in 2007. CreatEmotionsTM is the result of four years of research and fine development made by a team comprised of international talent, aiming to bring innovative concepts to the business market, home users and the third sector."

Wallpaper Desktop Picture Screensaver Image Photo Awesome Sweet Trendy. Smooth Nice Marvellous Fantastic Lovely Gorgeous Amazing Excellent Super Wonderful Fabulous Beautiful Introduces Summer Collection.   CreatEmotionsTM Preview Pack n.1
  • Freeware Download from CreatEmotionsTM staff
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  • WinXP, Win2000, Win2003
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  • Requirements: Windows