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ALTools Christmas Desktop Wallpaper 2005

Relax with Santa, Rudolph and some nice hot cocoa with this Christmas Wallpaper - Freeware. The ALTools Christmas Desktop Wallpaper 2005 features Santa and Rudolph taking a well deserved break after a hard night of delivering presents. Join Santa and Rudolph for a magical cup of hot chocolate this Christmas and keep the spirit alive.

ALTools Christmas Desktop 2005   14-Dec-05   English   2.0 MB

This colorful desktop wallpaper is guaranteed to brighten your Christmas computing and bring you a little extra holiday cheer. The ALTools Merry After Christmas Desktop Wallpaper comes in 6 stunning resolutions for monitors of all shapes and sizes, from 800x600 to massive 2560x1600 cinema displays. The desktop wallpaper HTML installer helps beginners set desktop wallpapers with point-and-click ease. Make sure to visit for more free desktop wallpapers and free PC utilities. Happy Holidays from the Eggheads at ESTsoft~!

Santa Rudolph Graphics Holidays. Season Relax Nice Cocoa 2005.   ALTools Christmas Desktop Wallpaper
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