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Online tool to handle your support questions

The ATAF-Support Online tool to handles your users support questions online - Multi-OS Freeware. The ATAF-Support program is a FREE online web database application that can handle online support request. The ATAF-Support program is used on this site. ATAF-support runs on IIS 4.0/5.0 server or a Linux server with Chilli ASP installed The ATAF-Support has 4 forms * A support form where the user can raise a support request * A reply form where the help desk can answer support questions * A view form where the users can read the answer * A Knowledgebase search form The ATAF-Support application automatic notifies users and helpdesk by when changes are made or questions are updated.

ATAF-Support 1.5   1-Dec-02   English   49 KB

ATAF-support is parameter controlled so you can easy setup : Company Name The support Email address Program description Keywords List of programs Program versions Page headers and footers All this is done in the settings.asp no need for you to change any ASP or HTML code ATAF-support is also available in a version for mySQL, MS-SQL, IBM AS/400 DB2 email us ofr more information

ASP Source Code Database User. IIS IIS40 IIS50 Chilli Online Tool Handles Questions.   ATAF-Support
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