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Open source search engine for Internet and Intranet sites - Linux/Unix Freeware. DataparkSearch Engine is a full-featured open sources web-based search engine released under the GNU General Public License and designed to organize search within a website, group of websites, intranet or local system. DataparkSearch consists of two parts. The first part is indexing mechanism (indexer). Indexer walks over html hypertext references and stores found words and new references into database. The second part is web CGI front-end to provide search using data collected by indexer.

DataparkSearch 4.49   12-Feb-08   English   2.4 MB

Key features: Support for http, https, ftp, nntp and news URL schemes; htdb virtual URL scheme support for indexing SQL databases; text/html, text/xml, text/plain,audio/mpeg (MP3) and image/gif mime types built-in support; External parsers support for other document types; Ability to index multilingual sites using content negotiation; Searching all of the word forms using ispell affixes and dictionaries; Fuzzy searching based on acronyms and abbreviations. Stopwords and synonyms lists; Boolean query language support; Results sorting by relevance, popularity rank, last modified time and by importance (a multiplication of relevance and popularity rank); Various character sets support; Accent insensitive search; Phrases segmenting for Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai languages; mod_dpsearch - search module for Apache web server; Internationalized Domain Names support; The Summary Extraction Algorithm.

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