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Freeware eBay Vista Gadget

Freeware eBay Vista Gadget for auction searches in 13 eBay countries - Windows Freeware. The Auctionsearch Gadget integrates into the Windows Vista Sidebar as search field and enables users to make immediate and direct searches on eBay in 13 eBay countries.

Auctionsearch 1.0   30-Aug-07   English   31 KB

The results are displayed directly in the Auctionsearch Gadget. A click on any of the results will open its auction in the designated browser. The Auctionsearch Gadget is one of the freeware programs made especially for the new Vista Gadget concept. Users interested in this freeware may also like to try the Watchlist Gadget.

EBay Online Vista. Gadget Priceprirates 13 Countries.   Auctionsearch
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  • Requirements: Windows Vista