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Checks 19 google data centers for PageRank

SEOSmart Future PR is a freeware tool that checks PR for 19 Google data center - Windows Freeware. has started work under the best freeware package of handy SEO tools. Want to add some visitors to your site? Want to check your link exchange partners? Want to get hottest info about your site ranks first on market? These tools are dedicated to you! First released tool from SEOSmart package is called Future PageRank. It checks 19(!) Google data centers for PageRank. It gives you instant result about your rank dynamics. How it works? As you know, Google - is not a one web-server.

SEOSmart Future PR 1.0   20-Jan-07   English   418 KB

It is a servers network around the world. Nothing changes immediately in Google. Even PageRank :). You can wait for changes for long weeks before you've got it. But we have the solution for you! Now you can check 19 Google data centers for PageRank(tm) of given url. So, if some part of google increases your PR - you will be informed immediately. This tool also will be helpful for webmaster, who buy or exchanging links. With SEOSmart FuturePR you can check your partners site PR. Imagine, what if you bought a link with PR7 (and paid for it a big money), but PR getting lower for some reasons? FuturePR is your solution here. You can check PR dynamics and will be notified about smallest changes in PageRank. So your money will be saved. If you want be successful you should be informed. SEOSmart FuturePR is your way to know all ranks of your site. And we do it for free. If you've found this tool useful for you - please, insert the link to our site ( on any page of your website.

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  • Win95, Win98, WinME, WinXP, WinNT 4.x, Win2000, Win2003
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  • Changes since the last release: Retrieving PageRank(tm) from 19 Google data centers New cool design Proxy support (with auth)
  • Requirements: Standart Win PC