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Goofbay eBay Auction Tools and Typos Toolbar

Discover bargain items listed with typos and spelling mistakes on eBay and more - Multi-OS Freeware. Every day 1000's of items are listed on eBay with miss-spelled or badly written titles. The Goofbay toolbar searches and lists these hidden bargains. Other Goofbay tools inlcuded in the toolbar are: Miss Spelling Checker - for example Playstation listed as Paaystation resulting in no bidders and low bid prices. This is new search from goofbay allows multiple search strings (for example 'Playstation 2 Games' - it mixes misspellings with correct ones to show the maximum number of results) Not in Title Checker - this is a totally unique feature, no other site searches this way.

Goofbay Toolbar 1.0   11-May-06   English   449 KB

You search for example 'PSP Games' and Goofbay lists those games where people havent got PSP or GAMES in the title (games listed in the PSP category with a title as '2 games' etc) these usually go undiscovered on eBay. Negative Feedback Checker - allows you to sort an ebay users feedback into neutrals and negatives rather than browsing through 100's of positives to spot negative feedback. Private Feedback Checker - when a seller hides their feedback and sets it to private this tool exposes the feedback. Shill Bidder Checker - checks to see if an ebayer is bidding on their own items with a second account. View Number of Watchers - wondered how many people are watching an item that you want to bid on?? this tells you how many watchers an item has. Can be a very useful tool when deciding how high to set your bid or snipe as it shows how many people may be waiting to bid on that item. These are just a few of the features included in the Goofbay Toolbar.

Auction Spelling Mistakes Typos Bargain Checker Finder. Bidding Private Hidden Feedback Watchers Watching Sniping Sniper Shill Shilling Discover Items Listed.   Goofbay Toolbar
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