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Free Search Tool - Saves Results ( PDF, RSS )

Search, Browse, & Create Newsfeeds in RSS, ATOM or PDF. Search for Podcasts - Windows Freeware. SearchView is a unique web search tool, that enables you to search multiple search engines simultaneously and export selected results to XML (RSS, Atom) or PDF files. It presents the search results in a tabbed interface, as well as tree-style explorer view. Furthermore, you can send selected results by email, and also customize the search engine list by editing XML configuration files. Most search engines can be configured to work with SearchView. You can also create PDFs which contain podcasts.

SearchView 1.0.8.   2-Dec-05   English   36.7 MB

The SearchView functionality is also incorporated into the web research tool BigBlogZoo Classic and MediaMiner. MediaMiner is a data mining tool. It specializes in news, press releases, stock reports, forums and blogs. Results are saved as HTML, PDF or XML (ATOM & RSS) and uploaded to your server. Find out what your customers are saying about your company, do online media analysis, find out if your marketing strategy is working, create a media portal or add breaking news to your website. If you do web research or if you want content for your website you need MediaMiner. MediaMiner is designed for researchers and webmasters. Researchers can use it to search for current online media and to categorize it, while webmasters can dynamically integrate that media into their websites through XML or HTML. Included is a sample application that lets you search for Media about the worlds largest companies. Remember the BigBlogZoo is not just about blogs! News, Press Releases, Stock Reports, and Forums are also waiting for you.

Syndication Reaggregation PDF RSS ATOM. XML Podcast Browse Create Newsfeeds Tool Saves Results.   SearchView
  • Freeware Download from Kent Gibson
  • Screenshot
  • Win2000, WinXP
  • Install and Uninstall
  • New Release
  • Changes since the last release: Support for podcasts, better hits highlighting, spidering of search results, and support for proxy servers.
  • Requirements: 256mb RAM