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We must move to The Simpler Way

Why we must move to The Simpler Way - Windows Freeware. Our industrial-affluent-consumer society is extremely unjust and ecologically unsustainable. Almost all social and economic problems are getting worse. These problems cannot be solved in a society that is driven by obsession with high rates of production and consumption, affluent living standards, market forces, the profit motive and economic growth.

The Simpler Way 1.0   29-Jan-03   English   2.2 MB

Problems of ecological destruction, Third World poverty, resource depletion, conflict and social breakdown are caused by consumer-capitalist society and cannot be solved unless we move to simpler, more self-sufficient and cooperative lifestyles, and a very different economy, i.e., The Simpler Way.

Ecologically Unsustainable Destruction Third. World Poverty Resource Depletion Conflict Social Breakdown.   The Simpler Way
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