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Learn how to get your dog to listen & behave

Learn how to get your dog to listen & behave. 40 pages of dog training advice - Windows Freeware. Looking for information dog training? The Dog Training Guide has 40 pages of dog training and dog behavior information so you can explore, learn and get your dog to listen and obey! Excerpt from the Dog Training Guide: "Dog training is not merely a collection of isolated sessions.

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Dog training is an ongoing process that occurs during specified training sessions and through the rest of every dogs day. The lessons taught during dog training times should be reinforced at all times. Additionally, an owner should recognize that there is no particular time frame for dog training. It is a process that literally lasts the lifetime of the dog/owner relationship. Those who see training as a discrete step or defined moment in a dogs life are likely not to get the results they desire from their training regimen. Dog training not only lasts a lifetimeit occurs over the course of a lifetime."

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