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Orneta Reader views PDF or Text eBooks

Orneta Reader opens and view Adobe PDF or Text (.txt) eBooks from a Smartphone - Windows Freeware. Orneta Reader is a free software that lets you open and view any Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) or Text (.txt) document directly from your Windows Mobile based Smartphone. Read an eBook files of any size from your phone. Text and PDF files can be open and read, graphics will not interrupt your reading experience, and are not displayed. Unique Playback Feature The Playback Feature allows reading of eBook's completely hands free! You do not need to touch the keypad, there are three different modes for playback, Page by Page, Line by Line, and word by word. Set a reading speed, for instance 100 words per minute, and enjoy reading your book! The feature empowers your phone to turn the pages for you, providing visual indications to reposition your point of vision to the beginning of the next word.

Orneta Reader for Smartphone 1.0.6   28-Sep-03   English   258 KB

The process creates a very enjoyable experience that enables rapid reading, and easier flow of words. While you are reading files, they are automatically scroll or reflowed to provide an easy to read experience, which removes the need to scroll as with traditional readers and viewers. There is also page by page viewing without scrollbars. Background Processing The program calculates the page number in the background allowing you to read while processing in the background. You can open and read an eBook of any size quickly. Easy to Use Keep Backlight on feature enables you to read eBook's easily without annoying interruptions to your reading experience. Change the Font and Style to suite your needs. View more of the document at once with a small font, or read the document easier or from a distance with a large font. The soft key functionality is based upon the current state of the application. While you are reading in Playback mode, the soft key will allow easy access to pause and resume. You can specify characters or words to search for, all occurrences of the matching text will automatically be highlighted on screen for easy identification.

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