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WildVoice Podcast Studio

WildVoice Studio makes it fun and easy to record and publish Podcasts - Windows Freeware. WildVoice Podcast Studio makes it easy to record and publish podcasts. Using a computer and a microphone, anybody can create a professional quality Podcasts in minutes. WildVoice Podcast Studio lets you record a show like a radio DJ. You just talk live and mix in music and other recordings. It is easier and more fun than complex sound editors that may have discouraged you from trying your hand at Podcasting. Now is your chance to be a Podcast star.

WildVoice Podcast Studio 1.0   26-Jan-07   English   25.3 MB

WildVoice Podcast Studio will produce standard MP3 files that you can use anywhere. However, if you want the easiest way to create your own Podcast, sign up for a free account at and WildVoice Studio will automatically upload and post your shows to the web. With direct publishing to you can easily create and publish your show in one step and with one tool. WildVoice Podcast Studio will publish your MP3, show notes, tags, show image, and let you control who can see your Podcast. WildVoice Studio makes it easy to record and publish podcasts. Using your computer and any microphone you can: - Record audio quickly & easily - Include sound effects from our (use ours, or add your own) - Include podsafe music and other audio - Edit the parts where you drop the microphone, fumble under the desk, and completely lose your train of thought - Sound like your favorite talk show host or radio DJ. - Automatically publish your Podcast to the web.

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