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The Swopper game is a classics

It was created by the Tibetan monks and was a part of a complex ritual cerpairs - Windows Freeware. Free Swapper The Swopper game is very old. It was created by the Tibetan monks and was a part of a complex ritual ceremony. In Europe the game appeared in the XVIII century at the French court and became popular among the grandees soon. The game is simple, but requires attention from the player. A legend says that one Tibetan monk, whose name has not reached up to nowadays, has declared, that he can play any time long as he has reached a high spiritual level.

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In fact, he managed to continue the game during several days, until he was caught at fraud and exiled from a monastery. ;-) The game is created in the best traditions of well-known games as Lines, Tetris and many other games of "tile" type. Simple rules and fascinating logic make the game understandable and accessible to all players. Technical Requirements This program is intended for use on color or monochrome PDAs running under Windows CE/Pocket PC. The game supports: all major types of processors (ARM/MIPS/SH4/SH3) all version of Windows CE (2.00, 2.01, 2.1x, 3.xx) and all types of devices (Pocket PC, PalmSize PC, HandHeld PC) both types of displays (color and monochrome)

Pocket Pc Ce Logic Game Be300. Aero Intermec Mobilepro Created Tibetan Monks Part Complex Ritual Cerpairs Classics.   Free swapper
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  • Requirements: Pocket PC, HandHeld PC, PalmSize PC, or Casio BE-300.