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DomiSol (Domino Solitaire) is a game of logic

DomiSol (Domino Solitaire) is a game of logic using dominoes - Windows Freeware. DomiSol is a game of logic using dominos where you match up domino "cells" (half the full domino), either horizontally or vertically, to match all 28 domino pieces. It features a master layout showing completed domino cell pairs, each game has at least one solution, no setup required (just download & play), and more.

DomiSol 1.2   7-Mar-05   English   232 KB

This is an infuriating game - it looks so easy but is really quite hard. The concept of game is simple, just select adjoining cells (horizontally or vertically) and the appropriate pair will be displayed in the master list on the left. Once you have matched all 28 domino "pairs" you have won. However, it is never as simple as that. It is a game of logic that stretches the gray matter as you select, and deselect, domino pairs until you have matched them all. It will keep you amused, and/or frustrated, for a long time. If you like a challenge, and enjoy games of logic, then download a copy of DomiSol. You won't regret it!

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