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80 Jigsaw Puzzles With Browser (Best of 2004)

80 -Best of 2004- Webetiser Jigsaw Puzzles With Handy Preview Browser - Multi-OS Freeware. This jigsaw puzzle package delivers the most downloaded Webetiser puzzles of 2004 in one package. This package combines 80 puzzles, using 16 images with 5 severities each. For your convenience it contains the brand new Webetiser Puzzle Browser. You can use it to change between different packages and select puzzles through preview images and a severity selector.

Webetiser(tm) Puzzle - Best   13-Jan-05   Multilingual   3.1 MB

The last used puzzle and the severity for each image is saved for future sessions. The Webetiser Puzzle Browser is prepared to manage additional Webetiser Puzzle Packages you can expect in the near future. If you want to be informed about updates, add yourself to the corresponding Webetiser newsletter (see left side of homepage). Here is a short severity description: *Beginner* - Very simple, standard shape, 24 pieces, preview; *Intermediate* - 50% deformed shape, 54 pieces, preview; *Expert* - 100% deformed shape, 104 pieces, preview; * Guru* - 100% deformed shape, random rotation, 160 pieces, preview; *Maniac* - 100% deformed shape, random rotation, 216 pieces, no preview. This free application is part of a series of free computer jigsaw puzzles to market our software Webetiser(tm) (see homepage for details).

Browser Fall Recreation. 80 Jigsaw Handy Preview.   Webetiser(tm) Puzzle - Best of 2004 Package
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