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Cool 3D rendered game. Collect coins, objects

Get addicted to this fun game collecting coins on 100,000,000+ brilliant levels - Windows Freeware. Funny Ball 2 is a very original and entertaining game you've never seen before! You'll be taking the role of a pathmaker as you try to guide a constantly moving creature from it's starting point to it's goal. Filling nearly the entire screen are a great number of equally sized blocks that are positioned horizontally and vertically, and like brickwork are wedged in tightly. Sounding easy? Not really, since you have no control over our hero, and other moving objects like mines, frosters, clocks, surprises, and thinking ahead will be essential to success.

Funny Ball 2 2.4   20-Mar-06   English   2.2 MB

The only thing in your control are the blocks and they are limited in their movements depending on whether the blocks are horizontal or vertical. If vertical then they can only be moved up or down whereas horizontal allows movement left and right. With the screen tighly packed, it really makes for some challenging gameplay. And don't forget about other objects on the screen: the ball should touch as more coins as possible (if you want to get some points) and at the same time it must not touch mines and frosters. Some objects are just for fun, for example the balloon make the ball flying. These make the gameplay just incredible! For your convenience there are 2 types of game including timelimit game, 3 levels of difficulty, 3 skins - Violet, Metallic and Christmas. In the 1st type of the game It's pleasant to know that you are not racing against the clock. But you must collect every coin on each level, otherwise you will not be able to move to the next one. In the timelimit game you can collect as more coins as you wish, but you must do this in a definite time, otherwise you will lost your funny ball.

Game Family Puzzle 3D Simple Interesting Girls. Women Coins Animated Skins Addicted Collecting 100 Brilliant Levels Rendered Objects.   Funny Ball 2
  • Freeware Download from WisePixel Multimedia
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  • Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT 4.x, Win2000
  • Install and Uninstall
  • Major Update
  • Changes since the last release: The game is free now. Other news: 2 new game objects, 'Treasure' levels, Never expires, Main menu bug fixed, Improved game manual
  • Requirements: Pentium 200, DirectX 7 or higher, 4M video RAM