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Yin Yang Sudoku - nice logic game

Play nice oriental logic game Yin Yang Sudoku for free - Windows Freeware. Yin Yang is an ancient Oriental principle of the creative balance in the Universe. A number of phenomena in the human world embody this concept of a magic and natural equilibrium in the existence. Among these is a game of Sudoku, a puzzle which solution symbolizes the primodial harmony of life.

Yin Yang Sudoku 2.0   17-Jan-07   Multilingual   1.2 MB

The challenge for a player is to spread digits in space in a unique order, that means to achieve a kind of pacifying balance in the gaming zone. The key principle of sudoku is peaceful thinking. Don't be in a rush - relax. Sudoku puzzle solving is supposed to pacify the player's mind, to "pour oil on troubled waters" of your senses. The game is sure to calm and harmonise you in a habitual for humans vain haste of intellectual spasms. The aha factor is bound to reach you. Follow your intuition on the blessed path of settling this enigmatic eye teaser.

Game Logic Oriental. Amazing Japanese Play Nice.   Yin Yang Sudoku
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