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10 Delightful jigsaw puzzles

10 Delightful jigsaw puzzles, ideal entertainment for short leisure breaks - Windows Freeware. 10 Delightful jigsaw puzzles, ideal entertainment for short leisure breaks. Therapeutic when the soul needs to lighten up a bit... quite soothing in fact. The pictures are too cute for words, and the canvas is nice to look at, too - have a look at the screenshots at where you'll also find previews of bigger puzzles.

Pretty Little Pictures 1   21-Jan-06   English   1.5 MB

A simple right-click on the canvas gives you several options: You can choose the difficulty level by decreasing or increasing the number of puzzle pieces, turn the background music on or off, solve one piece or complete the whole puzzle automatically by clicking AutoSolve. Another exciting feature is that you can now have these and many other pretty pictures on mobile devices! To get them as wallpaper on your cell phone, just click the golden heart in the top right corner of the canvas, or go directly to and select the pictures you like. These 10 little puzzles are 100% Pure Freeware, NO spyware or similar junk. Enjoy and share freely with anyone who is nice to you!

Game Jigsaw Puzzle Autosolve Collection Mobile. Cell Phone 10 Delightful Ideal Entertainment Short Leisure Breaks.   Pretty Little Pictures
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